Our institution is rated 5-Stars by Bauer - Awarded June 2013




  John McIlroy, Jr. Chairman of the Board
  William C. McIlroy President
  Margaret Mcllroy Goodin Secretary
  Paul B. Hill Member
  Mark A Goodin Member

Bowling Green Officers

  Paul Hill EVP, Co-CEO, Director
  Mark Goodin EVP, Co-CEO, Director
  Earl Niemeyer Sr. Vice President
  Tammy Crouch Sr. Vice President
  Cathy Colbert Sr. Vice President
  Adam Trower Sr. Vice President
  Mary E. Millan Vice President
  Trudy Shaw Vice President
  Ellen Sutton Vice President
  Richard Wilkinson Assistant Vice President
  Nancy Cox Assistant Vice President
  Carmen Gamm Assistant Vice President/DPO
  Barbie Gamm Cashier
  Karina Edmond Assistant Cashier
  Elizabeth Kingsley Assistant Cashier
  Debra Betts Assistant Cashier
  Bridgette Reuther Loan Support Officer


Troy Officers

  Matthew Arnold Vice President/Branch Manager
  Sarah McNamee Loan Officer
  Kyle Scherder Loan Officer


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